The second annual petition drive to remove Arne Duncan from the office of Federal Secretary of Education has concluded.

With your help, 2,632 confirmed 2013 petition signatures will be sent to the White House calling for Duncan’s dismissal. Including the results from the 2012 petition, nearly 9,000 individuals have expressed their outrage at the efforts to privatize public education supported by President Obama and his administration.

While Dump Duncan gears up for the next project, why not stop by and visit our Facebook Group? There’s always a lively conversation going on and its a great place to network with other public education supporters and activists.

You might also want to check out our forum.

2013/2014 looks to be an important year for public school advocacy, and Dump Duncan will be in the thick of it!

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And remember:

Dump Duncan is 100% non-partisan and we accept NO donations or sponsorships of any kind!